Why do you need a Buyer’s Agent in Vancouver?

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When buying a house, most people often come ready with a budget and a blueprint in mind. Most people don’t know that a buyer’s agent can also come with their house-hunting plan. Buyer’s agents help interested home buyers figure out the market, saving time and money throughout the house hunt. In a market as popular and expensive as Vancouver’s, having an expert’s insight will be very advantageous in the long run.

Now, you’re not required to have a buyer’s agent, but we highly recommend working with one. Here are some reasons why:


They work for you for free

Good advice? Literally priceless. Buyer’s agents will give you valuable, expert insights at no cost! Because the selling party shoulders the agents’ commission, you, the buyer, have one less fee to think about. Take advantage of the opportunity to ask your agent about any query or concern that you have regarding your potential new home. Free expert advice is hard to come by these days, so it’s best to take it when it’s available. 


They understand the Vancouver Real Estate market

Due to its beautiful surroundings, safe neighbourhoods, and premium real estate, Vancouver is one of the most sought-after locations for affluent home buyers. The best real estate agents are well-integrated within Vancouver communities. They know the people, live and breathe the local community spirit, and are passionate about supporting local businesses and residents. It will be useful for you to work with someone who knows the market that well, so not only can you find the best home in the neighbourhood that fits your needs, you will get a leg up on fitting in with the community, too.


They will help you win against luxury property investors and wealthy buyers 

Vancouver is a notoriously expensive real estate market, with your competition ranging from luxury investors and international buyers. It helps to have someone who has your back when you’re negotiating prices and fighting off fellow buyers. The buyer’s agent will advise you on the appropriate fee and present it to the seller’s agent. They’ll even negotiate for you and write up the contracts. With the agent’s know-how backing you up, you won’t have to worry about agreeing to buy an overpriced home and other potential hurdles. 


They will work while you play in the mountains

Let’s face it; there are not enough hours in the day to get everything on your to-do list done. To add a crucial task like house hunting to your plan can become very exhausting, very fast. Better to ask help from someone whose actual job it is to house hunt for you. A buyer’s agent will be able to dot the I’s and cross the T’s, while also applying local industry knowledge that you’re probably not familiar with. Let them do the work so you can cross this off your list. Who knows, that might even free you up for the holiday you’ve always wanted to take. 


They will position your buying strategy perfectly

Do you know everything there is to know about the market you’re buying into? Even if you’ve prepared your hardest to capture your dream home, chances are there is a bunch of insider information that you haven’t learned yet. Buyer’s agents know the real estate market’s ins and outs, particularly the local scene where they operate. Incorporating your requirements with their knowledge will help you craft the perfect strategy to get the house you want. It’s also possible that the other people interested in your dream home have agents working with them, so why not level the playing field and have one in your arsenal, too. It can never hurt to be too prepared, especially when it comes to life’s important matters.