The West End’s Christmas Lights: With Santa’s Little Helpers

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Photo credit: Chris Ainsworth


The West End’s charm is amplified around Christmas time when it comes alive with Christmas lights. I love this time of year, and I can think of no better way to share this feeling with you than to show you where to see the best of the West End lights, and how to create a magical display of your own. On my West End community and real estate website, my team and I have posted an article which gives you a flavour of the special things we have to see in the West End. 


For this, we’ve also featured Santas Little Helpers Christmas Light Service, who, from their West End base on Robson Street, have been brightening up people’s homes and places of work for decades.  


Lucky for us, it is not too late to get out and stand in awe at the commercial and residential displays. 


Plus, with this year redefining what we consider to be ‘normal,’ why not keep these displays up year-round?

A bold statement, sure, but if you haven’t seen the lights in the West End yet you are likely to agree with me once you have.


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Happy holidays!