Sponsoring The West End Farmers Market

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Looking back over the year there have been many personal and professional successes in the face of the adversity of living through a pandemic.

I am truly proud to have been able to sponsor the West End Farmers market this year.

This great event ensures that local businesses had a source of revenue, residents had access to their beloved produce and some of the social fabric that is so important to the mental health of people in the West End was able to be recovered. 


This year after months of strict lockdown it was a great way to safely reintroduce a small piece of normality for businesses and residents alike. In years gone by this has grown to be one of Vancouver’s most treasured weekly markets, so playing my part to protect its future was something I was so compelled to do. 


For a full overview of the market see my original post on my West End real estate website. I hope to see you all there next season, it really is one of the best places to go to piece together things for an amazing weekend of cooking!